KC Presh is one of the amazing musical groups that had
fans entertained in the early 2000’s. 2011 saw the group
part ways and that was the tragic end of a 12 year
relationship, the same partnership that saw them become
superstars and also gave them several brand endorsements
and several awards as well.
Kcee Kingsley Okonkwo has gone ahead to drop a solo
debut album with songs like ‘Limpopo’, ‘Okpekete’ and
others, while Presh recently made a come back to
mainstream music with a record deal with Eric Manny
entertainment and new tunes like ‘Olegelege’ and
‘International Lady’. For the first time since they parted
ways, both super stars will perform together on the same
stage in Lagos on September 30, 2014 at the Mc Dowells
Friendship Jam scheduled to hold at the Grandeur Events
Centre, Oregun Lagos. The duo will reunite on stage at the
independence eve jam to the delight of their fans.
Lowkey reports have it that they both might be working on
something new together. We definitely can’t wait to hear it!



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