He is an award winning lyricist and rapper, a business man and an all around nice guy. HipHopworld Magazine caught up with super lyricist Vector Tha Viper and sat down with him to have an chat and here’s how it all went down.

HHWM: You’ve been off the radar for a while and we’d like to know what you’re working on right now?
Vector: To be honest, I am studying the growth, the growth that we lack in our entertainment industry; you know like how you attain a certain age, but it doesn’t really show in the type of work that you put out. I think that’s the problem we’ve had in the industry so I’m trying to balance my type of music with what’s obtainable right now, and I believe it’s a process that takes time and it’s coming out strong.
HHWM: When should we expect new songs from you?
Vector: There are compilations coming out really soon, and also there are going to be some international features on it too and definitely I’ll be giving my fans a gift on my birthday which is on August 7.
HHWM: We know it’s been on the blog sphere for a while now but we just have to know, what’s the situation now between you and YSG entertainment?
Vector: We’re all good, it’s all been laid to rest.
HHWM: Aside music, what other ventures are you into?
Vector: I’ve always been very interested in international business and that’s what I’ve been doing recently, shuttling between Lagos, New York, and Boston. I’m just basically spreading, and meeting up with people at international business forums because I’m thinking there’s more to music than just being an artist.
HHWM: On your first album, you were accused of sounding too much like Jay Z, and on your more recent songs, you’ve switched it up. Why the change?
Vector: I believe it’s the media that have decided what the old Vector or the new Vector sounds like. Go listen to Kendrick Lamars first album and you’ll be shocked to note that he sounded different then than he does now. I believe that when rappers are young, the awesomeness of the rappers we look up to have a strong influence on the kind of music we do but I feel that its a part of the growth process. I still put the same energy in the kind of music that I make, the only difference is that I’ve grown. It’s not a switch, its growth. So to all the dumb asses out there, you can quote “maybe he’s growing”. Just wanted to put that out there.
HHWM: What sort of music should we expect from your new work?
Vector: Every time I think about myself as taking music to another level, and not just coming here to say that it’s based on lyrical dominance over my counterparts or any other person who’s rapping. I’m taking my music to the level that even the extremist who believe that rap music is crap music will feel it. I’m trying to make music more than just rap, trying to create that blend of dope lyricism and sounds that are deep. It’s sounds like these that you’ll hear on my next sets of Albums.
HHWM: So are we going to hear you sing like Drake?
Vector: What I will say is that you should you expect some side of me that not a lot of people know about. You’ll hear some songs that are acoustically inspired, songs with guitar playing but the lyricism won’t change. Some people might call it selling out but I believe that as a musician you have to explore all the bounds of music besides as a business man you have to make money because at the end of the day, you die a man and not a rapper.Follow @CoolprinceAde


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