Lil P -Tribute To Dagrin

I know a lot of you would be thinking a
Tribute? After how many years?
This track ‘Tribute To Dagrin‘ by 13yrs old
Rapper Lil P is in anticipation for his up
coming EP ‘The Return of Dagrin
(TheRODEP)’ due pretty soon and it gives a
taste of what to expect.
Listen below and let us know you thoughts.



EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Brymo Talks New Album, Career & Chocolate City

If you have been a fan of Nigerian or Afrobeat
music for 4 or more years, then you are
definitely familiar with the name Brymo who
got critical acclaim for his feature on the
overwhelming hit single, Oleku.
He has been quiet music wise for obvious
reasons. The good news is that those reasons,
may have finally been resolved, and Brymo has
stepped into the new chapter in the journey of
his music career as he gets ready to release his
4th studio album TABULA RASA.
Here is an interview with him…

We all know Brymo is the stage name but
people really wanna know much more.

I am Olawale Ashimi, although recently I have
developed a fondness for my grandfather’s
name “Olofo’ro” and would prefer to be
addressed by it. I was raised in Okokomaiko,
Lagos where I lived at least the first 20 years of
my life. I ditched football for music and moved
to the city to chase my dreams.

How did the music start?

Music started in ’99 when I wrote my first song
and thought about joining a group or starting
one. I would listen to the radio most nights to
every melody of every song. I learnt song
writing by basically studying other singers.

Your biggest influences when coming up?

My biggest influence are my parents and the
numerous loads of musicians they listened to.
The likes of Ayinla Omowura, Barrister and K1.
Throw some KSA in there. I also had this
neighbour who was a bachelor and played lots
of Fela. As a teenager, I started with R. Kelly,
my first and only demo was influenced by his
“snake” song. I called it “I like ‘em girls”, it was
never released.
The first time I heard about you was on a
song by SLIM T titled “Die Representing”.

Was that the song that actually brought
you out?

Oh it was “Shawdy” in 2008, a lot of people still
tell me how surprised they were to find it was
me on the song, I also did a number of
collaborations in 2010. Slim T’s happened to
be one of those.
How did you make that BIG break? – The
Choc City deal.
I have not made that big break…… It was
Denrele, we met in ’07 or there about through
a lady that used to manage me. He also invited
me to the Sound City urban blast in ’09 and I
was also a nominee at the SMVA that year. So
in 2010 he was the one who hooked me up
with M.I and that set the ball rolling.

Oleku was at a time, the biggest song in
Nigeria and possibly Africa and you were
one of the major factors. What was the
inspiration behind that?

Oleku was a huge one…. It was for me a result
of practice. I had recorded with Jesse Jagz on
“l.ov.e u” and Slim T’s “die representing”. I was
picking up making music on ready-made beats.
I was thrilled and Oleku was the cusp of all
that. Also Jagz was a big fan of me singing in
Yoruba and after a while I was willing to try.
Oleku was the first time I sang in Yoruba
without caring about language barrier.

Did you expect Oleku to be as big as it was
then and why?

There was no telling how big it would have
been. I remember we had another version of
the song that was faster, intended to be the
dance version. I preferred the popular version
and was happy it was released instead.

Can we say that was the song that
actually brought you out?

Oleku was a great leap and a remarkable
achievement. It was the final piece, the last
building block of my career foundation. It
brought me out indeed.
Moving on right now – 3 albums under
your belt already. Tell us about them..
“Brymstone” was the first; I sold over five
hundred copies myself in my neighbourhood.
It didn’t get much attention till after Oleku was
released. It’s the album that has “Shawdy”.
“#TheSonOfaKapenta” was the second and was
released in 2012 with Chocolate City. Has
songs like “Ara” and “Good Morning”.
“M,D&S” was an eye opener. I learnt to be in
touch with myself to write it. This is the first
album I made and loved that I made it.
S.O.A.K (Son
of A
in 2012,
there were
some certain
issues then
with CC.

question… (Laughs)

You were locked out of the Industry for a
certain period of time due to some certain
issues with Chocolate City. How did you
feel with all the inactivity?

I had no idea I was locked out of anything, I
was busy fighting for my right to work and
earn. I went and sat in the courtroom for
hours, sometimes twice a month, for months. I
constantly reminded myself to remember why
I was in it in the first place despite all the frenzy
in the media. I was never inactive at any point;
I was only busy doing other important stuff

You released the M,D&S album last year
out of the blue! Without any sort of
publicity at all. Were you hiding stuff from
some certain people?

There’s a myriad ways for artistes to put out
their work, for M,D&S I chose for it to be a
surprise. I figured after all the work that went
into it and the year was fast ending, to drop it
suddenly would have more effect, and it did.
The title “Merchants, Dealers &
Slaves” (M,D&S) seems to me like a jibe at
someone/something. I don’t want to
believe that I’m wrong. Laughs)
Not anyone or thing in particular but
everything, my emotions and thoughts. I wrote
the album in relations to events around me
and what I deduced about society. A fraction
really as words cannot be enough to describe
the phenomenal world we live in. I also had
African leadership in mind, we still think to
lead is to be king and call shots while everyone
else work their asses off.

Issues with Chocolate City has more or
less been resolved amicably. Right?

I believe so…..

Way forward for Brymo now?

More and more music, that’s the way forward.
There are tons of people waiting to hear and
enjoy what we have to give and we won’t stop
till it reaches every one of them.

I heard the 4th album is ready. What’s the
title and when is it dropping?

It’s called “TABULA RASA”. I was still thinking
about the title when one day in the courtroom
the judge used it in a speech. I immediately
decided I would use it. It refers to a theory that
we were born without built-in mental content
as in a child. The album was inspired by the
expectation of such good news.

Any major collaboration on the album?

The album features Sammy Sage Hasson.

And yeah, you seem to be shy of the
camera. You rarely shoot videos for your
songs. Why that?

I can be camera shy, but if the video is
required, I’ll shoot it.

Got anything to say to the fans who have
stuck through thick and thin?

To the fans I say ” you can make it through
Thanks for your time, BrymO.
Thanks for your time


Kcee And Presh Set To Reconcile?

KC Presh is one of the amazing musical groups that had
fans entertained in the early 2000’s. 2011 saw the group
part ways and that was the tragic end of a 12 year
relationship, the same partnership that saw them become
superstars and also gave them several brand endorsements
and several awards as well.
Kcee Kingsley Okonkwo has gone ahead to drop a solo
debut album with songs like ‘Limpopo’, ‘Okpekete’ and
others, while Presh recently made a come back to
mainstream music with a record deal with Eric Manny
entertainment and new tunes like ‘Olegelege’ and
‘International Lady’. For the first time since they parted
ways, both super stars will perform together on the same
stage in Lagos on September 30, 2014 at the Mc Dowells
Friendship Jam scheduled to hold at the Grandeur Events
Centre, Oregun Lagos. The duo will reunite on stage at the
independence eve jam to the delight of their fans.
Lowkey reports have it that they both might be working on
something new together. We definitely can’t wait to hear it!


Popular Singer 9ice Unveils Campaign Poster As He Set To Run For House Of Reps – Olamide Baddo Supports

Though he denied having any intention of
venturing into politics soon, sometime earlier
in the year, ‘Gongo Aso’ crooner, 9ice has
finally let the cat out of the bag.
9ice has shared on his social media handle, a
campaign banner of himself, signifying his
intention to contest for the Federal House of
Representatives in Ogbomosho North/
Ogbomosho South/Orire Federal Constituency
in 2015.
And so we have more of our celebrities joining
politics… Big Ups..
Olamide Posted the Campaign Banner above
on his Instagram Page with the Caption
“Oooooooshey adigun the Boss !!!”
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He is an award winning lyricist and rapper, a business man and an all around nice guy. HipHopworld Magazine caught up with super lyricist Vector Tha Viper and sat down with him to have an chat and here’s how it all went down.

HHWM: You’ve been off the radar for a while and we’d like to know what you’re working on right now?
Vector: To be honest, I am studying the growth, the growth that we lack in our entertainment industry; you know like how you attain a certain age, but it doesn’t really show in the type of work that you put out. I think that’s the problem we’ve had in the industry so I’m trying to balance my type of music with what’s obtainable right now, and I believe it’s a process that takes time and it’s coming out strong.
HHWM: When should we expect new songs from you?
Vector: There are compilations coming out really soon, and also there are going to be some international features on it too and definitely I’ll be giving my fans a gift on my birthday which is on August 7.
HHWM: We know it’s been on the blog sphere for a while now but we just have to know, what’s the situation now between you and YSG entertainment?
Vector: We’re all good, it’s all been laid to rest.
HHWM: Aside music, what other ventures are you into?
Vector: I’ve always been very interested in international business and that’s what I’ve been doing recently, shuttling between Lagos, New York, and Boston. I’m just basically spreading, and meeting up with people at international business forums because I’m thinking there’s more to music than just being an artist.
HHWM: On your first album, you were accused of sounding too much like Jay Z, and on your more recent songs, you’ve switched it up. Why the change?
Vector: I believe it’s the media that have decided what the old Vector or the new Vector sounds like. Go listen to Kendrick Lamars first album and you’ll be shocked to note that he sounded different then than he does now. I believe that when rappers are young, the awesomeness of the rappers we look up to have a strong influence on the kind of music we do but I feel that its a part of the growth process. I still put the same energy in the kind of music that I make, the only difference is that I’ve grown. It’s not a switch, its growth. So to all the dumb asses out there, you can quote “maybe he’s growing”. Just wanted to put that out there.
HHWM: What sort of music should we expect from your new work?
Vector: Every time I think about myself as taking music to another level, and not just coming here to say that it’s based on lyrical dominance over my counterparts or any other person who’s rapping. I’m taking my music to the level that even the extremist who believe that rap music is crap music will feel it. I’m trying to make music more than just rap, trying to create that blend of dope lyricism and sounds that are deep. It’s sounds like these that you’ll hear on my next sets of Albums.
HHWM: So are we going to hear you sing like Drake?
Vector: What I will say is that you should you expect some side of me that not a lot of people know about. You’ll hear some songs that are acoustically inspired, songs with guitar playing but the lyricism won’t change. Some people might call it selling out but I believe that as a musician you have to explore all the bounds of music besides as a business man you have to make money because at the end of the day, you die a man and not a rapper.Follow @CoolprinceAde

Shots On Shots Lyrics By IcePrince Zamani Feat Sarkodie

Oh yeah
Chorus: (Ice Prince)
Nowadays when dem see me dem craze
Nobody fit enter my space o
Ride around with that bad bitch in that truck
Dem boy know say nobody fucking with us
yeaaNowadays when dem see me dem halla
Way dem carry me like say na me be Obama,oh
Ride around with that bad bitch in that truck
We turn up all night and we go shots on shots
Verse 1: (Ice Prince)
Poof nigga,
Real Godzillas in the booth nigga
Real black niggas in the Coupe nigga
But that’s just me and my troop nigga
Shebi they go recite the hook nigga
Mark my words and then look nigga
Dem dey talk say i be flupe nigga
Eat your word and then puke nigga
11 o’clock and im still drinking
Scandal is tough but im still pimping
EFCC dem chase my guy
Cus the money plenty pass Bill Clintin
We no dey fuck with no broke nigga
Me no they laugh but might joke nigga
Dem been they take me like joke nigga
I got a couple awards and I boast nigga
I be the beast and im ghost nigga
I be the best or I’m close nigga
I be direct when I shoot nigga
I be the threat in that suite nigga
Nevertheless we dey make dem boys dey shake
like Pakinson’s nigga
Dem a dey try to throw me out,shit now I pay for
the parking since nigga
Man a bad man,
Me no care what dem say
Err’body wan go there,but nobody wan dead
Ice tell em
Chorus: (Ice Prince)
Nowadays when dem see me dem craze
Nobody fit enter my space o
Ride around with that bad bitch in that truck
Dem boy know say nobody fucking with us yeaa
Verse 2: (Sarkodie)
Yo Ice brake it down for me
tie tie ahhhAnytime i step up in the club nigga
Yeah you know we be living it up nigga
Poping the bottles get a couple of bitches on the
side incase a nigga wanna fuck nigga
Baby you ready for me tonight
Cus 3nd3 mema na ak) wo hu maybe you might
wanna buckle up you will be having a fight
Sex like freaks here i know what you like
Tie you up on the bed and go down
You already i’ll be busy can’t tell me to slow
If you didn’t know baby now you know now
Your Ex aint hard and proudly broke now
So loud
When i kiss you on the neck
Make you wanna scream baby you the best
Little bit of money and little bit of sex
Me p3s33 mede martinni gugu in between your
Fuck it, damn my flow is on drugs
But im still geting a couple of bucks though
I’m still fucking with Ice
He put me on cus im nice
I’m still the man cus the fan are loyal
Believe in y’all from the day i saw you
Female friends i swear love you
Need a good masage with some baby oil
This a song for my niggas
TM boys ina the building
We no dey fuck with no snitches
Ice make dem no what im feeling
E be like having a dream, but you were born in a
But maybe it’s not what you seeing, but you dey
fight with the devil
I dey believe in my team so wanna no be my
So now we changing scene you go fit call me the
I was a kid on the block but now you screaming
my name
And you dey show me the love
And give me money and fame
Me rap mu 3gugu mo kon tis3 akatafu chain
me w) addictive flow ma titi su cafine
So goddamn
Chorus: (Ice Prince)
Nowadays when dem see me dem craze
Nobody fit enter my space o
Ride around with that bad bitch in that truck
Dem boy know say nobody fucking with us
yeaaNowadays when dem see me dem halla
Way dem carry me like say na me be Obama,oh
Ride around with that bad bitch in that truck
We turn up all night and we go shots on shots

D’Prince – OYO (On Your Own)

D’Prince is out with a brand new Afrobeat single
and he calls it O.Y.O (On Your Own) produced
by Don Jazzy. O.Y.O is a wakeup call to each and
every one of us who have grown comfortable with
the idea of building our personal hustle around
other people who are occupied with their own
personal strife and tribulations. The message of
this bold and innovative new single byD’Prince is
clear – it’s time to start fighting for
yourself.O.Y.O is also a warning to the selfish few
who don’t care about the rest of us. The old
adage is laid bare – when you chop alone,
inevitably you will die alone.
Download and share your thoughts.
Guy! If you think say you go see awoof bottle of ‘Moet’ pop on my head tonight, you are seriously on ‘OYO’ (on your own). Country hard abeg


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VIDEO: Flavour ft. Wande Coal – Wake Up (Hololo)

Nigeria’s Highlife King, Flavour
N’abania, collaborates with the Black
Diamond, Wande Coal on this instant
party starter titled “Wake Up (Hololo)“.
The Masterkraft-produced song has all
the makings of a hit from the very first
listen. It comes with a very solid street
video shot at the break of dawn in Lagos
by the prolific Clarence Peters.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy this as much as I


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Ayo Jay – Taking over (Prod. eKelly)

After winning the NEA Award for Most
Promising Act To Watch. Ayo returns
with a new teaser single titled Taking
Listen and Share your thoughts. Be sure
to watch out for Ayo Jay‘s 2nd official
single dropping soon!
Fast-rising Pop star and
newly crowned ‘Most
Promising Act to Watch’ at
the recent NEA Awards,
AYO JAY aka ‘the boy
wonder’ is proud to debut a
brand new teaser track
titled “Taking Over”, to
celebrate his NEA Awards
Produced by E Kelly, who
has previously created hits
for the likes of Naeto C,
Lynxxx and M.I, we first got
a taste of “Take Over” on
the music video for Ayo
Jay’s hit single “Available”,
which together with “Your
Number”, has been
downloaded over half a
million times since their
The “Taking Over” record
itself sees Ayo Jay in
braggadocios mode, as he
finally confirms what has
been on our lips all year –
Ayo Jay is taking over! Over
the fast-paced synth-heavy
musical backdrop, Ayo Jay
showcases his freestyling
skills, Pop sensibilities and
an undeniable ability to
create massive records.
No wonder Ayo Jay is vastly
hailed as one of the best
new artists of 2014, and
one of Nigerian music’s new
school leaders. With the
final quarter of the year just
around the corner, Ayo Jay
is gearing up to release his
next official single, and a
few videos but to warm us
up until then and to say
thank you to everyone that
voted for him to win his
NEA Award, enjoy “Taking
Over” below.